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15m High Capacity Diesel Hose Reel



1” hose

This 15m High Capacity Hose Reel is a heavy duty model specifically designed for use with diesel. This spring rewind hose reel has the ability to automatically rewind, and can also be locked at a chosen length. Its BSP inlet and outlets ensure that an easy connection can be made from the fuel hose reel to the refuelling nozzle. In environments such as construction, plant and quarry sites, as well as marinas, it can be difficult to refuel vehicles and boats due to them being unable to gain access to the fuelling station. This high capacity hose reel makes refuelling in these applications easy.

  • 15m version c/w hose
  • 4 way rollers
  • Anti kink spring at nozzle end
  • 1″ M BSP parallel fitting on nozzle end
  • Anti-static hose
  • Optional accessory of whip hose available
  • Max pressure 10 bar
  • Spring rewinding
  • Supplied with inlet swivel and 90 degree elbow leaving a 1″ F BSP for connection
  • Hose arms can be fixed in three different positions