What is the minimum and maximum hire length?

Minimum hire length is 60 days.

Maximum hire length is 365 days

Anything in between can be negotiated, just call us.

What are the delivery and pick up costs?

We can offer delivery as part of your hire. We would just need a postcode.

Pick up of your tank would be free of charge.

Can I extend my hire if I want it longer?

Yes of course, if you need to extend your hire simply call to discuss.

Can I buy the tank after the hire?

We do offer purchase prices, these will be on a case by case basis only.

Are any pumps or accessories included in the hire for the tank?

We include a hand pump as standard in our hire package.

For an additional cost we can offer the 230v and 12v options.

Does the tank require any assembly on arrival?

Your hired tank will arrive fully ready to work, you just add fuel!

What are the power requirements?

When using a hand pump no power is required.

If its an electric pump a relevant size battery is required, these are not supplied.

What liquids can be stored in your tanks?

Mainly Diesel, Gas oil, Kerosene, Waste oil, edible oils and heating oil.

Is VAT included in the hire?

VAT will be applied to all of our prices yes.

Am I liable for any damages, cosmetic damages?

We will access the tank upon receiving it back. We wont charge for paint scratches, however any major damage, I.e dents, damages to welds or structural integrity will be charged.

What are the costs if damages occur?

This will be dealt with on a case by case basis, however we will not charge for light scratches to the paintwork which would be the most common sort of damage on these units.

Can I place the tank inside a garage or building?

Yes of course, however you should check the legislation regarding the liquid you are storing.

Can I choose any colour I want?

We will offer the different colours we have in stock, if there is a colour required that we don’t have in stock and you can wait then we can facilitate this.

How secure are your tanks?

Very, every tank has a lockable cabinet encasing all the pipework and pumps. Our tanks themselves are fully bunded to prevent any leakage etc..